All the four province of Pakistan has their own culture and they all are different in many ways from each other. In this article I will discuss the dhaba culture in Karachi introduce by Pakhtuns and Pathans.

In a city like Karachi where even the rich think they are under the burden of the rising inflation and price hike, roadside dhabas(roadside hotels) are blessing for the poor which offer variety of foods, besides providing entertainment to customers.

Today Karachi roads are full of these dhabas(roadside hotels) and majority of their owners are Pathans. Most of these dhabas(roadside hotel) have the facilities of television sets and tape recorders. These facilities are just to entertain the customers. Common people including laborers, students and low-rank government employees visit these dhabas(roadside hotel) to take meal or to pass a good part of their busy day by watching television or enjoying music. We can also see that there are many youngsters of Karachi who visit these kinds of dhabas(roadside hotel) with their friends on the regular basis.

One can find everything like paratha, vegetables, fried egg, tea(chai), samosa etc. Running a dhaba(roadside hotel) in Karachi is now become a business. The poor people from across the country have been migrating to Karachi as they can get better wages here as compared to other cities.

Visiting a dhaba(roadside hotel) is now become a part of our culture. I interviewed many dhaba(roadside hotels) owners. They told me that the number of police officials, lawyers, poor laborers and students daily visit their dhaba(roadside hotel) to have a cup of tea(chai) or lunch. They told me that they decide the rates of items according to the market price.

The average price of paratha is Rs 16 and a fried egg and a cup of tea(chai) is Rs 15 on these dhabas(roadside hotels). It is a fact that for many people it is unaffordable to even take a cup of tea in big restaurants or hotels but these dhabas(roadside hotel) are still providing lunch and dinner at nominal price. This thing makes these dhabas(roadside hotel) different from other hotels where even poor can eat happily. The food quality in the dhabas(roadside hotel) always swings between average and good, but the prices are affordable. However, these dhabas(roadside hotels) in Karachi are increasing with each passing day as many people consider it a profitable business in the prevailing time when it is difficult to setup other business.

In Karachi, many rich people along with their guest and friends also visit these dhabas(hotel) just to enjoy a dhaba culture. There are all kinds of delights, vegetarian and meaty delicacies. Help yourself with steaming hot lentils and crispy, flaky parathas. These foods are spiced deliciously and you will be left licking your finger.


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