Pakistan Election2013

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11th May was the day of election in Pakistan.There are 342 national assembly seats in Pakistan’s national assembly,out of which272 are general seats and 70 are allocated for minorities.These70 seats are called as reserved seats.From these 70,60seats are reserved for womens and 10 for minorities(different religions).

As Pakistan have 4 province.They all have their own provincial assemblies called as Punjab Assembly,Sindh Assembly,Khyber Pakhtunkwa Assembly and Baochistan Assembly.

These all 4 assemblies have different number of  seats.

Sindh Assembly of Paksistan have 130 general seats,Punjab Assembly of Pakistan have 297 general seats,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly of Pakistan have 99 general seats and Balochistan Assembly have 51 general seats.

On every general seat candidates are directly elected through  peoples vote.

In 1970, Pakistan had138 general national assembly seats.In 1977  Pakistan had 200 national assembly(general seats) seats.In 1985 and88 elections,Pakistan had 267(general seats) national assembly seats.

Elections of 1990,93 and 97 Pakistan had 207 national assembly(general seats) seats.In 2002,08 and2013 elections Pakistan had 272 national assembly(general seats) seats.

On 11th May, Elections were held under care taker government.

On 11th May,care taker prime minister of Pakistan was Justice (retd) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso.


Care taker chief minister of Punjab was Mr. Najam Sethi.

cm punjab

Care taker chief minister of Sindh was Justice (Retd) Zahid Kurban Alavi.

cm sindh

Care taker chief minister of Khyber Paktunkhwa was Justice (r) Tariq Pervez Khan.

cm kp

Care taker chief minister of Balochistan was Nawab Ghaus Bakhsh Barozai.

cm balochistan

The most important role in conducting free and fair elections in the country was played by the Election Comission Of Pakistan. fakhruMr.Fakhruddin G Ibrahim was the chief election commissioner that time.


Asif Zardari

On an election day, 10958 candidates had contested on 272 national assembly seats and there were4671 candidates contested on all four provincial assemblies seats(PP,PS,PK,PB).

It was the first time that Pakistan’s biggest political party,PPP did their election compaign without any true leadership because Asif Zardari wast the president that time and was not allowed to hold any other position except presidency and Bilawal Bhutto was out of the country.

This is the first time Pakistan saw its highest turnout on an election day.

Following Chart have the Party position after11th  may.Changes will be made in the following party position chart  because there are some constituencies whose result yet to be announced by Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP).

Election Results 2013

Parties NA PS PP PK PB
Summary 264/272 116/130 286/297 98/99 49/51
PML(N) 125 4 214 12 9
PPPP 31 65 6 2 0
PTI 28 1 19 35 0
IND 28 5 42 13 8
MQM 18 37 0 0 0
JUI(F) 10 0 0 13 6
PML-F 5 7 0 0 0

On 11th May Pakistan saw its first election result on Geo News at 4:57pm and it was Iftikhar Ahmed who announced the unofficial result of the elections 2013.

After 5pm in the evening,unofficial results were started to come. Everyone was thinking either it will be PML-N(Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) or PTI(Pakistan Tehreek –e- Insaaf).PML-N

After some hours, it was all PML-N. That day PML-N emerges as the biggest political party of Pakistan followed by PPPP(Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamenterian),PTI and MQM(Mutahida Qaumi Movement)۔


Molana Jamal Ud Din

On 11th May it was Muhammad Jamal Ud Din of JUI-F who got the least number of votes(3468) and became the Parliamenterian.

Abdul Waseem

Abdul Waseem

On 11th May it was Abdul Waseem of MQM got the highest number of votes(192638)  on NA-243 and became the Parliamentarian.

In the end I want to put some light on the previous election that was held on 18th Feb,2008. This will give my readers a chance to distinguish and decide whether the change has come or not in the country.The following details shows the number of seats that political parties had won in 2008 general election.

That time PPPP had won97 national assembly(general seats) seats,PML-N had 71 seats,PML-Q had 42 seats and MQM had19 national assembly seats.

11th May,2013 was totally different in terms of election results.

Election result of 2013 showed us that Pakistanis had voted on 11th May and they voted for a “CHANGE”.


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